Is Indiana Jones heading to the Bermuda Triangle in Indy 5?

Well that’s the rumour currently doing the rounds on the net that Indy will be tackling one of the world’s biggest mysteries The Bermuda triangle.

No one from the Lucasfilm camp has confirmed this rumor so I’m keeping an open mind on this one. I like the idea of the Bermuda Triangle being involved some how but I hope it’s a case of Indy hunting a relic that disappeared in the Triangle  rather than the film be about the triangle itself.

Shia LaBeouf,who played Mutt in the fourth film is also rumored to reprise his role in the next film. There is also a promise that the new film will return to its roots and use far less CGI which is only a good thing in my book. I watched the fourth film again the other day and although I still really enjoy it (yes even the fridge scene but no not the monkey scene) I do feel the CGI was way too over used in the second half of the film so I hope this rumour is one based in fact.

The final rumour is that shooting is due to kick off next year which may mean we’re not too far away from an official announcement from Lucasfilm.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: SciWire

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