Jameson official drink sponsors to the BIG SCREEN

Anyone who’s a regular listener of the Geek Syndicate podcast will know this is possibly the greatest news I have ever reported!

 Fans of Empire magazine will know that Jameson Irish Whiskey and Empire have been friends for quite some years, not only collaborating on the Jameson Empire Awards, but also enthusing over our love of cult film through Jameson Cult Film Club.
So we’re proud to be the Official Drinks sponsor at this year’s must-see event for all film fans – Empire Big Screen, and are sponsoring some of the most talked about films of the year.
Look out for our Jameson team at the event for your chance to sample some of our favourite Jameson drinks. Also, head over to the JCFC andJameson Irish Whiskey Facebook pages to get involved with the latest cult film news and conversation, and what Jameson are doing in your area. Slainté! Enjoy Jameson responsibly.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Empire Presents Big Screen

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