Joshua Jackson Cast in Film Verson of UFO

Joshua Jackson (Fringe’s Peter Bishop) has been cast in the big screen version of Gerry Anderson’s UFO. Jackson will play Paul Foster, a test pilot who joins SHADO, the secret organisation who are dedicated to fighting aliens.

The film will be produced by Robert Evans and directed by Matthew Gratzner who seems to be a bit of a visual effects guru.

The show’s basic premise was that in the near future ahem 1980 – Earth is being visited and attacked by aliens from a dying planet and humans are being covertly harvested for their organs by the aliens. The show’s main cast of characters are members of a secret, high-technology-equipped international agency established to defend Earth and humanity against the mysterious aliens SHADO

Now I remember this one when I was a kid and absolutely loved it and Joshua Jackson is currently doing good stuff in Fringe (Although he was in Dawson’s Creek but lets skip over that) so here hoping for something good.

You can check out the title sequence and the hair for the TV show here

 GS Reporter: Nick Roberts

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