Justice League Movie Woes

George Miller the Australian director that was attached to the Justice league movie is off the project, according to what he told a Sydney Sunday Morning show it seems it was all about the casting.

While Miller wanted a younger cast in the role of various DC heroes, “the studios seem to want bigger stars in their superhero movies now”.

Seriously, Warner Brothers need to get their act together because in terms of movies Marvel is kicking DC’s butt.  DC always seems to be a little behind when it comes to marketing and franchises of the page and as noted before on this site Marvel’s cohesive “Avenger” project is garnering a lot of attention.

Whedon of Wonder Woman, Miller of Justice League, come on Warner Brothers don’t leave us hanging like this.  I’ve always been a fan of unknowns in superhero movies but saying that, celebrity casting has worked for Batman, Iron Man and the Hulk recently, so who knows, either way…get your ass in gear WB

STOP THE PRESS: Since I posted this a representative for Miller has denied all of the above and reports that “Justice League is being seriously workedom”…whatever that means

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