London Watchmen Premier Pics and Coverage

This was a night of discovery.

At 6 o’clock I entered Leicester Square. there was a moderate crowd, about what you would expect from a movie that was marketed to the hilt but at it’s core still a very niche film. I found myself a nice a space as i could by a barrier and waited. It was a little cold but bearably so and there was a muted air of semi excitement. Over in the press enclosure i could spy Rich Johnston the comics gossip columnist.

The wait went on and I made my first discovery – I’m really not into this standing around in the cold waiting too see a bunch of people I don’t know going to see a film I can’t get into.

Then the first car arrived an actually the first arrival was someone i did know. Dave Gibbons the Watchmen artist. I shouted to him. he came over and said”hey dave how you doing, why don’t you come in and watch the movie with us”. That was cool i thought and hopped the barrier and went into the warmth of the cinema. that was when i made my 2nd discovery. I’m a bit of a dreamer. unfortunately Dave was a little too far away so my hoped for moment of invitation never came.

My third discovery was I really do like legs because there was a lot of women with great legs going into the cinema….but that’s by the by.

Then Jefferey arrived. Jefferey Dean Morgan is playing Edward Blake, The Comedian and will be in the film adaptation of Vertigo’s The Losers comic. He was an immensely friendly guy and spent an inordinate amount of time signing stuff for people. The discovery I make at this moment is despite being an incredible piece of kit the iphone has perhaps he worst camera in the world.

Next up was Malin Ackerman aka Laurie Jupter aka the Silk Spectre II. She looked lovely and unperturbed by the drizzle which had begun to fall and she wore a lovely dress very well, had a devastating smile…and….. I’ll say no more except that the crapness of my iphone camera does not do her justice.

Then comes Billy Crudup, that’s Dr Manhattan to me and you. Another friendly guy with a big smile, that looks a little shorter than I’d imagined.

And now comes my 5th and perhaps most important discovery. the British public really does like it’s homegrown talent. For the next arrival got the warmest welcome of all and a little cheer to boot. That’s right the crowd favourite was none other than Britain’s best loved comic geek – Jonathan Ross….the mind boggles.

And finally was Patrick Wilson, the actor behind Dan Dreiberg/ Nite Owl II who thanks to my incompetent iphone camera(have I mentioned this before) appears to be using his vast intellect to produce light from his forehead.

So they went away, i chatted with some folk in the crowd, got bored and left.

Was an alright night but unlike the cute but crazy girl next to me who was waiting from 4pm for this I am never going to stand in the crowd at a premier again unless there’s a big point to it. I really don’t get it.
Also I’m saving for a digital camera!! What??!  Gimme a break i do a podcast it’s an audio medium. never thought I’d need a camera.

On the bright side I did get hold of one of these  on my way home

GS Reporter: Monts

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