Machete to Return in ‘Machete Kills’

Just when you thought it was safe to be a bad guy Machete, the hero with the meanest set of blades, is coming back to carve his way through even more evil.

Deadline has just announced that Robert Rodriguez has joined up with producer Alexander Rodnyansky to start work on a sequel to his blood soaked grindhouse flick Machtete, with the imaginatively titled Machete Kills.

Machete star, Danny Trejo has yet to sign up for the second film which is being touted as the second in a trilogy for the man who likes to leave a trail of body parts in his wake. Even though he hs not signed on the dotted line talks are underway to bring back Trejo and some of his co-stars back for the second film.

I still not seen the first film, which seems criminal seeing as it’s got some many cameos (worth it to see Steven Segal get a beating), but I plan to rectify that mistake before too long.

The hope is that production on the Machete Kills will gear up in April.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Deadline

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