Marc Webb is your new Spider-man Director

Meet Marc Webb. You may not know that name by heart, but very soon you will remember that name for ill or good.Webb found success in the “romantic comedy” 500 Days of Summer. Summer was a refreshing entry amongst all those cut-and-paste romantic films that spoon feed you the same fluff repeatedly.

When I saw 500 Days of Summer[ MINOR SPOILERS!] a dance sequence happens somewhere in the middle, reminding me of the dancing Evil Peter Parker does in Spider-man 3. Now one director who decided to put in a dance number out of nowhere replaces another director who decided to put in a dance sequence out of nowhere. COINCIDENCE? Yeah, it probably is. I don’t know why I even brought that up.

So,  that’s Marc Webb for you. Who knows what he’ll do with Spider-man, but at least he’s not Uwe Boll. Or Paul W.S. Anderson.

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