New Star Wars Trilogy In The Works?

IESB has claimed to have learned that as soon as George Lucas converts his “Star Wars” movies to 3D and re-releases them in theaters, he will shift his focus on bringing a completely new trilogy to the big screen.
The goal is to re-release “Episode I: The Phantom Menace” in 3D in 2012 and be done with the entire saga by around 2017. Within two years after that, the first installment in the new trilogy will be released.

The new films will be financed by the profits from the 3D re-releases which are expected to make $500 – $750 million dollars.

The films will  also have nothing to do with the live-action TV series that’s currently in the works. In fact  it will have very little to do with the Skywalker storyline. Instead, the plan is to further explore the “Star Wars” universe by making three sequels that will take place many years in the future.

This is all rumour obviously until it is confirmed , but what would you think of another  trilogy?

Source:Worst Previews

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