Olly Moss Paid with Mjolnir to Draw Thor:Dark World Posters

tumblr_mlp77ylUbD1qeqo31o4_r3_1280In case you can’t wait for your next Thor fix after watching the Thor:Dark World trailer yesterday then these Olly Moss commissioned Thor:Dark World posters may just be the thing.

Apparently the bigwigs at Marvel approached Olly to do some posters as gifts to the cast and crew for the upcoming film when filming was finished. The posts which feature Thor, Odin, Loki and Heimdall are seriously cool but not as cool as what Olly’s payment was.

Earlier last year, I was invited by Craig Kyle and Kevin Feige to make their wrap-gift for the cast and crew of Thor: The Dark World.

Here’s the thingie I did. Each principal cast member had their own character on their poster.

And they paid me with a real Mjolnir!

I’m sure you’re agree that’s some payment. From now on I will be looking out for any usual lighting activity wherever Olly is…well you know what they say about absolute power.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: www.moss.fm

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