Paranormal Activity is coming!


Based on true events, this frightening and supernatural film portrays the story of Katie and Micah, a carefree couple who become haunted by an unseen presence in their house. They decide to investigate the increasingly bizarre and escalating intrusions by setting up a video camera to capture evidence of the demonic presence in their house, only to find much more than they ever imagined.

This is one of films I somehow end up watching even though I hate horror films and then six weeks later when I still can’t sleep without nightmares I hear a quiet voice inside my head.

“You muppet I told you not to watch that film.”

Check out the trailer and see what you think.

The film comes to UK cinemas 27th November and if you see me in a cinema queue for it please do the decent thing and slap some sense into me.

If you’re a little braver than me you can try your luck at winning some tickets to an exclusive  screening by checking out this twitter feed.

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