Rambo vs Predator in Rambo 5?

Over at anit it cool news apparently after a phone the sly himself it seems the plot of the next Rambo film is a little different that the one has been doing the rounds on the net.

The next film supposedly sees Rambo buddied up with an expert tracker and a team of special ops guys hunting a half human/half beast loose in the Artic Circle that has destoryed a research station. The beast is a result of the military experimenting with a way to create the perfect killing machine.

According to the article this is all legit. I have to say I like the idea of Rambo leading a team of badass special ops (who you know are goig to get picked off in a horrfic fashion as the film goes on).

It sounds a little like Predator meets Universal Solider but after Rambo 4 I’m definately up for checking this out.

Source: AICN

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. I see it more as Rambo Vs. Universal Soldier. 😉 I think Rambo Vs. Predator will have to wait for part 6.

  2. OK, so I heard the voicemail Stallone sent to AICN and apparently this isn’t going to be Universal Soldier. This sounds like it’ll be so outside of what Rambo has been. I don’t know what Stallone is doing!

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