Red Band Trailer for “The Impersonators”

teaserIndie Superhero comedy The Impersonators is hoping for a release early in 2014. With the success of big studio pictures seemingly never-ending, I’m surprised that there aren’t more!

Anyway, trailer and synopsis behind the cut.




Here’s the synopsis from the movie’s YouTube channel:

A crime-ridden town hires a group of rag-tag birthday party super hero impersonators to help clean up their streets. The impersonators soon find themselves in over their heads in a hilarious fight for survival.

A comedy/action superhero movie, directed by Joshua Hull, written by Josh Arnold and Joshua Hull.  The Impersonators stars Joshua Arnold, Melissa Revels, Micah Shane Ballinger, Noah East, Frankie Chubb, Raymond Kester, Ellie Church, Pat Hardy, Scott Richards, David Ross and Jas Sams. Coming 2014!


Source: YouTube
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: Matt

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