Ridley Scott takes on’Alien’ prequel


Ridley Scott is returning to the file franchise that scared the crap out of me (well the first 2 did)…Alien.

20th century fox have announced that they are restarting the Alien franchise with a prequel. Scott is onboard to the direct with Jon Spaihts handling the script duties.

We’ve already had four alien films and I’m sure people will be wondering if we need another one. I guess I would say the same if not for films like Batman Begins, Star Trek and Casino Royale. All those films showed me that you can take a successful franchise that has lost it’s steam and give it a fresh lick of paint and bring back what was great about the original films in the first place. At the same time give you a slightly different take on the franchise.

I still would like to see more original stuff coming out at the cinemas but least by bring Scott on board this one is off to a good start.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Variety

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One comment

  1. Ridley Scott returning to Sci-Fi has to be a good thing and Alien is in my top 5 scary movies of all time, I can’t see anything wrong with this news.

    Personally, I’m hoping this is not so much a prequel as a different story in the same universe, let’s see Scott’s vision of a sci-fi metropolis, star cruiser, military equipment or anything else he thinks of. 30 years (and 20 films!) after he last touched sci-fi.

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