Robin Hood – Brand New Trailer

Ok with the news that there’s yet another remake of the King Arthur legend(this time with Guy Ritchie at the helm) on the way I’m thinking surely we haven’t run out of other legends we can use rather than going to the same stories time and time again. Now that I’ve got that gripe out of the way I do have to say that this is definitely the best trailer I’ve seen so far of Ridley’s Scott’s take on the Robin Hood legend starring Russell Crowe.

There are still elements that kind of remind of his earlier work on Gladiator but they’re less in your face in this trailer and it this one feel more like the Robin Hood legend rather than Gladiator 2: Back in Sherwood.

|I also noticed Mark Strong in the thick of it doing a fine turn as a bald headed villain.

So after watching this trailer the film has now moved from a DVD rental to a probable cinema visit.

GS Reporter: Nuge

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