Sean Connery’s Outland to be remade

I don’t remember much about the original Outland other than it starred Sean Connery, was set in outer space and felt like a western. It seems that rather than going back to re-watch the original film I can just wait for the newly announced remake to be made.

The fellas over at Warner Bros and Hollywood Gang Productions have brought in Michael Davis to direct and will be writing the script. Davis will be none to some as the man behind the camera for the Clive Owen action pic Shoot em up.

Davis is quoted as saying about the remake.

“We’re staying true to the thematic heart of `Outland’ while expanding the space frontier concept.”

Now after  BSG and Star Trek I am far more open to the idea of remakes/reboots. I still, however would like to see as much new projects getting off the ground as well as the remakes. ON saying that I’m very interested in the idea of “expanding the space frontier concept.” and I’ll be waiting to hear more about how that concept is going to translate to the big screen.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Variety

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