See Jon Hamm as Superman

Now we all now that Henry Cavill has signed up to play the Man of Steel in the all new Superman film by Zack Synder and we wish them the best with it. There were however rumours long before Cavill signed that John Hamm was in the running to play Superman. Some folks thought this was a great choice and although we will never get to see what Hamm would be like on the big screen as the world’s most famous kryptonian this artist’s impression by Phil Noto may give you some idea what we’ll missing out on.

Let us know what you think!

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: MTVGeek

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  1. SokMunki /

    I think they’re both excellent choices. Hamm may have an edge on the chiseled, Alex Ross look for Superman, but for a more youthful look I’m pretty happy with Cavill.

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