Sinestro has an identity crisis [Green Lantern movie]

Do you want to see Jackie Earle Haley playing Sinestro in the Green Lantern live action film? Yeah, that’s not happening. Jakie Earle Haley, who seems to be everyone’s choice to be in every geek-related film these days, was rumored all about the internet to be he Man in Yellow.

You are going to ask who Mark Stong is, I can feel it! Mark Strong, other than being balding in a pattern appropriate to play Sinestro, will be on your big screen in Kick-Ass and John Carter of Mars. He was in Sunshine as Pinbacker and I will forgive him for being in Babylon A.D. He’s gotta make a living.

Oh, sorry, I’m not done. He’s recently played Lord Blackwood in the Robert Downey/Jude Law version of Sherlock Holmes and he will be in Robin Hood this year. Mark Strong has been staring you in the face for more than a decade, and he’s only getting bigger.

So, it might be a bit disappointing that Mark  Strong is your Sinestro over Haley, but maybe we can see them together in some sort of buddy comedy in the future! 🙂

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