So was the Thor Film Footage at Kapow! any good?

I have to admit this post is largely for myself as I did  try get into the Thor panel at Kapow! to get a look at my must see film but sadly was denied. To try and get some insight I put the call out on the GS twitter for feedback/thoughts on the twenty minutes of footage that was shown from those lucky enough to gain entry.

Big thanks to Growlersworld, Geekly Girls who Love Sci-Fi Sasarihurley, Spideyellis, Agentfrankie and Cheesemint for taking the time to feedback.

So here is what they had to say.

Cheesemint – “It was awesome! Funny, smart, looked great, Hawkeye was cool, Thor’s perfectly cast. Can’t wait!”

Spideyellis – It proved that 3D is A WASTE OF TIME for the movie because the footage was great in 2D!

Agentfrankie – “The footage looked awesome. Perfect mix of drama, action and comedy. I’ll definitely be there for opening day!”

Geekly Girls who Love Sci-Fi – “If you like your summer block busters on the epic side, Thor looks like the film for you: Laugh-out-loud funny, thoroughly gripping and more eye candy then you can shake a stick at. The fx are pretty damn stunning as well – Asgard looks amazing.”

Sasarihurley – “I think if they can get three panels the level of Thor I’d VIP again.”

Growlersworld – “All the trailers I’ve seen on Thor do the concept justice so I was very excited about this. All mobile phones had to to be handed in before the showing, and then the main course began. Three exclusive clips, two short ones and one twenty minute long clip.

I was impressed to see more of Loki in action and also Sif and the Warriors Three. Hiddleston totally owned Loki with a smouldering performance. Believe me, you do not want to miss this movie. It was also cool to see cameos of Stan Lee and JM Strazyncski, two of the greatest writers of the Thor comic book. Both got rousing cheers when they appeared on screen. Hawkeye had a longer appearance and a speaking cameo which was just geektastic! I cannot wait for this movie now. Pure awesomeness!”

Again thanks to everyone for sending their comments and please check out their fab sites when you get the chance!

These comments tie in with what a lot of people told me after the panel that Thor is looking all kinds of Asgardian awesome. Looking forward to seeing this film even more now.

If you attended the Thor panel at Kapow! let us know your thoughts.


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