Star Wars hits the stage!

Star Wars: A Musical Journey, featuring The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,movie footage, live narrators and a troop of breakdancing Wookies (ok I made that up but wouldn’t that be cool) is due to hit London next year.

So with the Clone Wars currently showing this week over here it seems that once more the Star Wars saga is evermost in mmy mind.

Georgie Lucas is now bringing  stage show entitled  Star Wars: A Musical Journey. The show be a live performance of the film’s score along with clips of the movie on a huge screen. There also be narrators on stage to help move the proceedings along.

I’m torn by this. Not because I think it will be bad because I don’t. Anything revolving around a tribute to the awesome soundtrack by John Williams, which never put a foot wrong even when some of the films did, is going to be something special.

For me the fact it’s going to be in the O2 Arena in London in April means it’s going to packed and as someone who doesn’t do crowds it may be a bit much for me. 

I wonder if we’ll get Mark Hamill singing that Simpsons classic  ‘Luck be a Jedi tonight’?

Source: Yahoo News

Reporter: Nuge

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