Star Wars Saga Goes 3D it’s Official

Sources indicate that George Lucas is set on rereleasing the “Star Wars” franchise in new 3D conversions beginning in 2012. Although 3D versions have been rumored for some time, Lucas purportedly was waiting until there were enough screens available to make the release a sizable event.

Fox, which released all six original “Star Wars” films, also would release the 3D versions.

Episode I, “The Phantom Menace,” would be first out of star-dock during early 2012. After that, each film would be released in order at the same time in consecutive years, depending on how well the first rerelease does.

Each conversion takes at least a year to complete, with Lucas overseeing the process to make sure each is as perfect as possible. He has said that the “Avatar” experience convinced him that “Star Wars” is ready for the state-of-the-art 3D treatment.

So there you have it folks just when you thought Mr Lucas couldn’t take any more of your pennies we now get 3D Stars Wars. Now the question is what scenes besides the pod race which was pretty cool (albeit way too long) first time around are you going to pay good money to see in 3D? I’ve got no interest in seeing the lack lustre space battle/gungan vs droid fight at the end and I can’t see how much 3D is going to lend to the epic Darth Maul sequence (the only scene that would get me back in the cinema).

To be honest when I saw this news my first instinct was not to bother reporting it. Maybe it will be spectacular and maybe I’ll eat my words and if nothing else it gets the original trilogy back on the big screen. Honestly though I’m happy with my DVD boxed set thanks George.  I was happy with the original edition before you started tinkering with it (Every time I see Hayden Christensen pop at the end of Return of the Jedi it reminds why these films should just be left alone). I’m worried that with these 3D versions will come the desire to tinker even further.

If Lucasfilm really wants to impress fans of the franchise then do something new with the Star Wars Universe…lets have a Knight of the Old Republic film (which doesn’t have any of the characters we know from the films) lets create a new sci-fi/fantasy legend for the kids of today rather than just going back to the same safe place time and time again. The awesome trailer of the Knight of the Old Republic MMO shows us the possibilities.

So will I go and see any of the films in 3D?…hmm never say never but one thing is certain if I do watch one it won’t be The Phantom Menance.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Red Five /

    So I’m alone in the squee department? Phantom Manass is only worth it for Peter Serafinowicz!

    • geeksyndicate /

      You’re probably not alone mate but I can’t scare up any excitement for this myself. I just don’t get it. He went to all the trouble of creating this epic and expanse universe so go off an explore it a bit with some new movies.

  2. Conor /

    George mate, just leave it alone. We don’t want to old horse dragged out again.

    (But that Old Republic trailer is fantastic!)

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