Stargate 2 & 3 coming?

I am a huge fan of the Stargate film and have enjoyed the shows but there was always talk of sequels to the original film but due to poor sales it never happened. Well it seems that they might be back on the cards.

Producer/Director Dean Develin has stated in an interview that he is looking at the sequels. The TV shows did a good job of continuing the story but I just miss that epic feel of the film. Back in the 90’s there were some great books by Bill McCay which felt like they were the sequels as intended. If you get a chance check em out.

I really hope that they make these as it feel right for the story to carry on now with the original cast and in super HD. What say you geeks?

Dean Devlin gave an interview to Collider in which he revealed that he has plans to take Stargate to right back where it started, the big screen. “We actually wrote it as a trilogy of movies, but we were never able to do parts two and three,” he said. “So, our hope is now that the series is starting to wind down, that maybe it will be time to actually get to do parts two and three. We’re still hopeful that we’ll get to come back and tell the rest of the story.”

That story will have to overlook the narrative of the television programmes, presumably. Devlin’s original plan was to look at how the stargates of the show were built in the first place, and where they could be found. But he did admit,”I think it’ll change a little bit from our original idea, as so many years have passed.”

SOURCE: Den of Geek, Collider

GS Reporter: Montoya


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  1. Sorry, but as a big fan of the show…. i don’t think movies based off the original will work with the worldwide fanbase of the show…. unless they go and base the movies off the show.

    though i have to say, when did Devlin say this?

    • mike /

      they were going to by pass the show and continue from the movie… but i heard few months back due to the failure of universe they canked 2 and 3

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