Thats not Mark Hamill in the deleted scene…..

Well here it is, right from Luke Skywalkers Mouth. he says he definitely didn’t film the Lightsaber construction scene that was recently shown off at Celebration V.

GS Reporter: Matt

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  1. Jim Smith /

    While that’s interesting (and I know SW fans love a good – or bad – conspiracy theory) a) memory is fallible, b)he doesn’t seem entirely clear on what he’s being asked c) That was a year ago.

    Now, it is incontrovertible fact that the scene was scored at the time. Which means it must have been shot at the time. So we’re either looking at a scene done by a (stunt?) double then (not now) *or* Hamill’s memory being faulty. Has anyone talked to him since the scene was released? ‘Cos he may just turn ’round and go “Oh, yes, I remember that now”.

    I think it looks like Hamill, his chin is pretty distinctive and the hand movements are very much in keeping with his performance. I will happily concede I’m wrong if this turns out not to be the case but colour me unconvinced at the moment. Ockham’s razor and all that.

    • matt pease /

      I think you’re right, more likely he just forgot, but there is a strong possibility that this is a double and was shot post production.

      the chances of this being newly shot are slim at best

  2. Sienn /

    Hello everybody,

    The website interviewed Mark for their “Force Cast” series during Celebration V, after the revelation of the scene, and he said once again that before he was shown the scene on a notebook, on a golf cart on his way to the Lucas panel, he completely did not remember ever having shot it. So, it’s a clear case of faulty memory to me.

    Here’s the Force Cast link:

    As for it being Mark himself, look at this photo:

    This cleft and the one in the scene look exactly the same to my eyes.

    Best to you,


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