The Director for Die Hard 5 is…

So who will be taking up the reigns of the fifth installment in the further adventures of John McClane.

There has been a  lot of talk about Die Hard 5 and who will direct it. Bruce Willis has personally been leading the search to ensure that it is done right. A few names on the list seemed like good choices but it now seems like John Moore has been confirmed. Moore has done a few films including Behind Enemy Lines, Flight Of The Phoenix, The Omen and Max Payne. I liked Behind Enemy Lines and the real grittiness of how it was filmed. Max Payne… er NO.

I hope that DH5 goes back to the feeling of the first film as DH4 was OK but there was way too much shine on that film. It was too nice. Also the strange news is that it will be filmed in Russia which sounds like it could be a great move for the franchise.

We’ve known for some time that Bruce Willis is hoping to make a fifth Die Hard movie, but his search for a suitable director has dragged on for a surprisingly long time. Noam Murro was originally slated to direct Die Hard 5, but he dropped out of the project in favour of the 300 sequel, Battle Of Artemisia.

Willis was apparently impressed by Moore’s love of the Die Hard movies, and also, as Dead Line put it, “his grasp of how to shoot practical, non-CGI-heavy action scenes”.

SOURCE: Den of the Geek, Deadline

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