The Green Hornet film loses Kato

Stephen Chow of Kung Fu Hustle fame has left Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet film. Stephen had originally come on board as a director as well at the Green Hornet’s sidekick Kato.

On Paper The Green Hornet is a film I should be excited about but I’m the complete opposite. I mean a masked vigilante with an ass kicking sidekick and a car outfitted with gadgets galore, called “Black Beauty”  what’s not to like? My main problem is yeah I’ve enjoyed Seth Rogan in some of the films I’ve seen him in but I just can’t picture him in this role. At least the not the way I want to see the role played.  I also want Green Hornet to be straight up pulp adventure and I’m worried even though Seth says he’s playing it straight that I’m going to get the ‘Knocked Up’ version of The Green Hornet.

I hope you prove me wrong Seth.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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