The Karate Kid – Trailer

Hmmm…it looks ok I guess but for me it’s a DVD or wait for it to come on cable watch.

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. Yeah, same for me. I just hate that it’s called “Karate Kid” because it’s not about karate and it doesn’t take place in Japan- you know, the place karate calls home.

  2. Amaechi /

    Have to admit that looks decent but agree it’s DVD film.

  3. Ana Carolina - Kes /

    The kid is too young.

  4. Elizabeth /

    I do not ever want to see it unless there is nothing to watch on basic television and my cable goes out! It is not the Karate Kid without Ralph Macchio or Pat Mortia (RIP). I wasn’t even a fan of the Hilary Swank version. That film ruins my Karate Kid DVD box set!

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