TRON: Legacy – Press Conference (with Audio)

On the 6th December I had the privilege of attending the TRON: Legacy press conference with director Joseph Kosinski and actors Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges.

I was a bit nervous about attending as last night the film received mixed reviews (I personally loved it) and I wondered if this would cause any weird vibes. I was also incredibly nervous about pitching my question to the gorgeous Olivia Wilde – once I had finally thought of one!

Everybody seemed to be in a good mood, though it was quite a low-key affair. Jeff was just as I had hoped and imagined he would be; Olivia was her usual talkative self and even more stunning in the flesh; and Joseph was fairly quiet but gave thoughtful answers.

Unfortunately I had camera fail and so only have the few photos I captured on my phone. I did however manage to record the conference and the audio can be found below. I had partial brain freeze as I began to ask my question but luckily made a good save and thank heavens she gave a nice in-depth answer. My question was about Quarra. I asked Olivia how rare it is for an actress to be given the opportunity to play and develop a character who is vulnerable, brave and tough and yet not overly sexualised – I also asked if the character had changed much from their initial discussions about her.



Apologies for the quality of the audio in places.

Tron Legacy Press Conference Audio

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