Warner Brothers still want to make a Green Lantern sequel

As most people that have been to see Green Lantern will agree this film shouldn’t have a sequel. You would have thought the box office failure causing them not to make back the massive amount of money they spent on this film would be enough to cause them to rethink. But apparently Warner Brothers where not put off by this and still intend on making the trilogy they first promised.

Warner Brothers told the Hollywood Reporter that it still thinks that there is money to be made from Green Lantern even though they themselves found it a bit of a disappointment. The excuse for the Box Office flop is that “fanboy pics often see a significant drop-off in their second weekends.” This is according to the company’s president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman. The drop off was an astounding, 66% in its second weekend. Way more than Thor and X-men.

The fact that their pushing it is that with Harry Potter ending next month and Batman next year they are desperate to try and kick off a new money making franchise before they find them self’s out of pocket.

Lets just hope that if this does get made they learn from there mistakes and make the film that proves that Warner Brothers can make other good super hero movies besides Batman.

GS reporter: Jack Edge

GS Source: Hollywood Reporter

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    Personally I enjoyed the film. Sure it wasn’t brilliant but it was fun, Reynolds and Strong were solid and it did have some epic moments in there. Personally I think if they could sort out the script which was pretty poor, less earthbound stuff and get someone else for the Carol Ferris role ad I think there’s a lot of potential to this franchise.

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