Warren Ellis is writing a new King Arthur film

Warren Ellis it seems is turning his considerable talents to the world of Arthurian legend. He his currently working on a script which the producers (who were behind Frank Miller’s 300) are calling Excalibur. I’m sure that’s just a working title as I don’t think they would want to get confused with the John Boorman epic of the same name.

The last King Arthur film I watched was the awful one that starred Clive Owen, so I could do with another film to taker the taste out of my mouth.

There is a part of me that would rather see Ellis tackle a completely original Swords and Sorcery tale than one that’s been done so some many times.

According to Ellis in conversation with AICN.

‘Untitled Arthurian Project,’ as I call it (just so I can’t feel John Boorman’s EXCALIBUR looming down at me from my DVD shelf), differs from the prior 751 King Arthur movies in many ways, but perhaps most obviously in that it is very specifically about the gathering of the Knights.

If anyone can give us a new take on the story it’s Warren Ellis.

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Source: AICN

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