Watch a Clip of Agent Coulson in the Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant

Ever wondered what the unflapped Agent Coulson gets up to while he’s waiting for the next Marvel film to come around?

Wonder no longer marvelite!

Agents Coulson and Sitwell face a problem in this clip from “Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant,” available exclusively on the “Thor” Blu-ray on shelves September 13!

GS Reporter: Nuge


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  1. Talking about “The General” and such, with no clear idea about where this fits into continuity? I reckon this is the set up for why Tony Stark went to see General Ross in the bar at the end of “The Hulk”. Tony Stark = The Consultant, anyone?

    • geeksyndicate /

      Yeah that was my guess…wonder if we may get a little Stark cameo in there?

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