Worldwide Watchmen Premier to be held in London


So it’s real, it isn’t a dream, they are actually adapting Watchmen as a movie. I don’t know why but even with all the trailers, the settlement of the court case and viral promotion there was still a little part of me that believed this was all a wind up.  Now that they’ve announced that the World Premier date I’m beginning to be less suspicious.

The premier will be held in Leicester Square on 26th February. At the moment I’m not sure who’s going to be attending in terms of cast and crew but I would imagine most, if not all of them, will be putting in an appearance.

I’m planning to put together a mission impossible style team of experts to gain entry so fingers crossed I can pull of my practice impression of Zack Synder.

I have to admit be more excited by the movie the closer we get to it. It’s not that I’m assuming it’s going to be good but it’s the uncertainly of it all that’s got me interested. We’ve seen trailer, clips but when you sit down and think about it they’ve really kept a lot of this movie under wraps. This feels like when we were about to watch Batman Begins and wonder if this was going to be able to take the taste of batman and Robin out of our mouths.

Will this movie pick up the baton handled to it by movies like the Dark Knight and Iron Man or will it end up being left in the dust by the punisher movie (a truly horrifying thought)?

Not long to go now people.

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  1. bbc /

    It’s on 23rd Feb. I’ve got a ticket, let me know if you score one.

    • geeksyndicate /

      I wish :((don’t even know how to go about it) . If you know anyone who can help get us two tickets to the premier we’d owe you big time!

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