You Didn’t Hear It From Me

I’m writing to you from the 2010 Discworld Convention and you can’t stop me ahahahahahaha. 


Rob Wilkins is Terry Pratchett’s PA and no-one’s entirely what that actually means, but he seems to muddle along okay. Rod Brown is a former producer of UK film company The Mob, which means no-one’s entirely sure what he does either, besides making a lot of money. He has since left The Mob to set up as a freelance producer in Los Angeles. The two of them sat down yesterday with some fans in a little side-room of the Birmingham Hilton Metropole to talk about the movies and the general process of writing; a klatch. 

  When Rod arrived, he was burdened with a lot of bags, boxes and children. Over the course of the klatch, Rod produced props from Going Postal (out now on DVD and Blu-Ray, starring yours truly) and The Colour Of Magic (also yours truly, also out). We all had some fun passing them round to look at; trying on the Postmaster’s Hat, flicking through Lord Vetinari’s biography, reading Twoflower’s phrasebook. But the main thing that came out of the Klatch was definitely not any leaked information about the next Discworld movies. 

If anything was mentioned, it would be very wrong of me to mention it on the internet. That would be unethical, a breach of trust and just plain naughty. With that in mind, I should definitely relay what wasn’t said. Rod definitely didn’t say that he was working on Good Omens next year and certainly didn’t have a first draft screenplay. The Mob certainly aren’t working on adapting Unseen Academicals for the screen next and even if they were Rob Wilkins wasn’t hoping to get a few shots of himself playing football if he did. 

This Isn't Happening, Understand?


 At no point was any of that said, by anyone, to anyone. And even if it was, I didn’t just tell you and you didn’t hear it here first. Right? Right. I’m glad we had this talk. 

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  1. Tamsin /

    If they aren’t then what are they working on? I hope that they get in David Jason for another adaptation!

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