Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’ Confirmed and Zod Cast

So even though we all pretty much knew this was going to be the title Warner Bros have now confirmed that the title of the new Superman film being directed by Zack ‘Watchmen’ Snyder will be called ‘Man of Steel’. Personally I like the title as it’s a nice way to try to step out from huge shadow cast by Reeve’s Superman films.

The more interesting news is that it has also been announced that Superman’s foe in the film will be none other than General Zod himself, formerly played Terence Stamp. The man stepping into the black shiny jumpsuit for this outing will be Michael Shannon. Like Henry Cavill who stars as Superman in the film I’ve never seen Shannon in anything, which I see as a good place to start for me as I’m coming to this film without any pre conceived ideas of what to expect from his performance. However Stamp’s performance as General Zod set him up as one of our most beloved baddies and gave Geekdom one of it’s most iconic lines (‘Kneel before Zod’) so Shannon has some pretty big evil boots to fill.

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Source: Den of Geek

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