Blast from the Past:the Call of Cthulhu (2005)

2005 doesn’t sound very ‘past’ does it? However this 47 minute long movie is shot as if it was filmed when the original HP Lovecraft novella was written – that is 1926.  So what you get is an expressionist black and white silent movie of one of the all time great horror stories. It’s a strong story well told with a quaint atmosphere of ‘what if?’ about it.

Filmed by the HP Lovecraft Historical Society ( a gang of inspiring live action roleplayers) with an all original score which successfully mirrors the music of the era  it tells a fairly straight adaptation of the classic tale. A narrator reveals the quest he inherited from his Uncle and the cosmic horrors  uncovered in the course of it.  Within his narrative lie three separate tales of a tortured artist, an New Orleans Police Detective and Norwegian Seamen all of which have brushed against unnameable things & unspeakable horrors.

The  period silent movie format plays to the amateur production. The acting has to be somewhat expressive and accents from what I presume is an all-American cast don’t distract with the use of caption boards. Likewise fight sequences are not expected to meet modern levels of vermisitude and the special effects while effective are not trying to compete  with multiplex thrills.  Some of the most effective horror is the use of Nosferatu style shadow play and the ‘big bad’  is effectively rendered.

All in all I would strongly recommend trying this piece if you’re a Lovecraft fan or if love find the language of the stories difficult but want an idea of what the fan adoration is about.

It can be obtained from here

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