Clone Wars Movie Review

What’s it about?

Shortly after being made a Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywlaker finds himself the unwilling Master to a young Padawan learner. Following their partnership in a pitched battle under the command of General Kenobi, the pair are sent on a mission to rescue the victim of a kidnapping in order to ensure shipping routes are opened to the Grand Army of the Republic …

Review it:

The Computer Generated Clone Wars film is an acceptable adventure romp in the Star Wars Universe. Ideal for the 8 to 12 year olds at which it is aimed, the film features blaster battles, lightsabre duels and witty dialogue. For the purist in me, there are a couple of major inconsistencies to established lore – but these do not detract from the overall experience and it is likely only the truly fussy like myself that will be mildly annoyed by them.

For a PG, there are some surprisingly graphic moments – especially when it comes to the killing of Clones. Some of these poor unfortunates died brutally enough to make me wince and there is the obligitory Wilhelm Scream thrown in at one point too for those with sharp ears!

On the subject of the audio experience, the voice acting is superb throughout. This is undoubtedly enhanced by performances from Christopher Lee (superb), Samuel L Jackson (as animated as his character) and Anthony Daniels (consistent) in their usual roles. James Arnold Taylor in particular shines with his “Ewan McGreggor” performance. The score is somewhat different to the normal, with even the theme music being revamped somewhat. Whilst this change of theme initially grates, the score itself matches the pace of the movie.

Whilst the film does not have the deepest of plots and there are instances of over the top “comedy” moments from Battle Droids it remains a fine introduction to the series that will follow.

Rate It: 3.5/5

Dry Slaps:
1.5 – Comedy Battle Droids and plot elements that annoyed the purist in me.

Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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