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A loan officer ordered to evict an old woman from her home finds herself the recipient of a supernatural curse, which turns her life into a living hell. Desperate, she turns to a seer to try and save her soul, while evil forces work to push her to a breaking point.

With Sam Raimi hard at work planning the next Spidey flick, you might be wondering has he given up on making horror films? This is the man who put his own spin on horror with the notorious Evil Dead trilogy and now he’s back on familiar ground with Drag Me To Hell. He returns to horror after almost ten years since his genre film the Gift, which this reviewer still hasn’t seen yet!

Alison Lohman is Christine Brown, a bank worker who seems to have it all. A boyfriend, Clay (Justin Long) and when it comes to a chance for promotion, she attempts to appease her boss, Mr Jacks (David Paymer) Against her better judgement, she denies a mortgage extension to the elderly gypsy Mrs Ganush(Lorna Reaver). A rash decision leaves Mrs Ganush without a home, after a confrontation in the car park with Ganush that turns out to be hilarious and terrifying at the same time; a hallmark of Raimi’s earlier films. Christine is left cursed by Mrs Ganush.

This isn’t like a verbal curse but a wham bam thank you ma’am one! Soon she’s haunted by a deformed Ganush. Her spirit pops up at the most inopportune moments not to mention cringe worthy such as a badly timed visit to her fiance’s parents which has probably put me off cakes for life but we’ll see..
With every one thinking she’s losing the plot, she turns to a mystic, Rham Jas (Dileep Rao) to help her out. A demon called the “Lamia” is behind Christine’s troubles. She discover’s that the demon is hell bent(no pun intended) in taking her to hell in a matter of days…

In an age of pointless remakes, Sam the man shows them how it’s done. Ok you can see the ending coming from a mile off. But you’ve got a possessed man and a goat! What more could you want! This is what’s charming about Sam Raimi, he has fun with his audience whilst scaring the merde out of them at the same time.
The cast are superb; Lohman has the girl next door quality with whom Raimi is merciless with. Subjecting her to being thrown around, a fly in a her mouth, forced to swallow maggots, nose bleeding like a geyser – need I go on?

This is a top notch film from someone who hasn’t forgotten his roots. Perhaps its time Mr Raimi gave up his post at the Daily Bugle and should go back to Shop S Mart with Bruce Campbell in tow. Evil Dead 4 anyone?

GS Reviewer: Neil

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