Film Review – Night of the Living Dead in 3D

Night of the Living Dead in 3D is a self proclaimed remake of and homage to George A. Romero’s 1968 movie of the same name. It seems that here is a lot of love for Romero going around lately – a remake of The Crazies, directed by Breck Eisner, recently hit our cinema screens.

The story of Night of the Living Dead is pretty close to the original – pretty girl and bunch of random strangers hide from bloodthirsty zombies in a farmhouse. The only difference with the remake is that the dead are not rising because of a satellite returning from Venus, as in the original, but due to experiments carried out by local mortician, Gerald Tovar, Jr.

There are many problems with this remake, not least the fact that it is a remake of a George A. Romero film. Romero is the master of zombies, and it is hardly surprising that he had nothing to do with this badly acted and badly scripted remake. If this is an homage to Romero, it doesn’t seem to be a compliment.

The other major problem with this film is the 3D. It seems that this gimmick was the reason that the film was remade for the second time (the first, directed by Tom Savini, was released in 1990), but it is not enough to carry the film. In fact, the 3D used is anaglyph or stereoscopic 3D – the type that depends on the audience wearing red and blue glasses to see the 3D in full effect. There was a reason that studios stopped making this type of 3D movie, and it is demonstrated to full effect in Night of the Living Dead; it can be physically nauseating. There are whole sequences that are not filmed in 3D and the ones that are are filled with gimmicky shots, like actors handing things to the camera, to make full use of the 3D.

The final problem with Night of the Living Dead is… It is simply not scary. Maybe audiences have become desensitised since Romero released his movie 42 years ago, or maybe we have just seen too many parodies like Shaun of the Dead and decent, scary zombie films like 28 Days Later. Shambling, slow zombies alone are not scary enough to carry a whole film.

The only saving grace for this movie is, it’s quick – the first zombies attack our heroes a mere 7 minutes in. If you are looking for a first rate scare, however, avoid this film. Rent the original or any other Romero film instead. If you are looking for some unintentional laughs, however, this may well be the movie for you.

Night of the Living Dead in 3D is released on DVD on March 29th and is distributed by

GS Reviewer: Brogen Hayes

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