Is a Reboot of Escape From New York On the Way?

"Snake" Plissken (played by Kurt Rus...


It seems that once again originality has left the building as plans may be a afoot to bring back everyone’s fave one-eyed anti-hero Snake Plissken.



Studio Canal and Joel Silver’s house Silver Pictures have announced they would be taking the iconic Snake Plissken back to Escape from New York as a trilogy of films (maybe just start with one and see how it goes fellas?).  No word yet on just how concrete this news is so as you can imagine no one has been attached as yet to play the infamous Snake ‘though you was dead’ Plissken who was originally played in all his bad ass self by Kurt Russell.


OK look I’ll get this out of the way yes I loved the Star Trek reboot and no I did not think it was going to work in the slightest way when it was first announced so yes a reboot of Escape from New York could work. My problem with this idea  of it is the more successful these reboots are the more original ideas and concepts get pushed aside in favour of ‘safe bets’.


Still as always I wish the makers luck and that if the film goes ahead they are able to do the original justice.


So do you think this latest reboot is a good idea or bad? Who do you think should take on the role of  Snake?(A few people have suggested gerald Butler and I could see him in the role if I had to pick someone…I would rather not though as for me Snake is Kurt Russell.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Empire


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