Movie Review – Tokyo Gore Police

Set in the Tokyo of the future this movie tells the story of Ruka, an agent of the privatised police force whose father was killed in front of her as a child and who specialises in taking out “engineers”. Engineers being people genetically mutated so that any part of their body that gets injured grows back as a weapon. You shoot off a criminal’s arm it immediately grows back as an organic chainsaw. Cut off the top of someone’s head and it’ll grow back with pistol barrel eyes which shoot pieces of brain at you. Bite off someone’s manhood and he’ll come after you with his 3 foot long cock cannon…. You still with me here?

Yeah, this movie is a weird one. The themes of bio mechanics are played with as in such films as Tetsuo : The Iron Man and there is a particularly disturbing scene set in a fetish bar where progressively weirder mutations are brought out to the delight of the assembled crowds. In fact you can’t go five minutes in this movie without someone getting a limb cut off or some biomechanical freak scuttling across the screen.

The story itself does feel a little disjointed and you often get the impression you are just seeing a lot of random imagery tagged together, but surprisingly this does work and gives the movie an almost dreamlike quality. A sick and twisted dream yes, but still a very inventive one. This is a blood and guts movie, but with an almost arthouse feel to it.

The violence and gore, is as you would expect, over the top. But it is SO over the top that it almost goes into cartoon territory so isn’t as disturbing as you might think. In fact in some cases it is used to almost beautiful effect, for example in the scene where someone unwise enough to grope our lead gets his arms cut off and she walks away in slomo under a rainstorm of blood.

Would I recommend this? Well I’m not sure. For me it falls between Ichi the Killer which I would advise anyone to think very carefully about before watching and Machine Girl which for me is like an Evil Dead movie which I think anyone can see the comedy in. This one does have a lot of clever humour and some really cool effects, but some of the scenes and imagery might be a little extreme for the casual viewer and its weird narrative style may well put off a lot of people. That said, the people who are waiting for this movie, and there are a lot, aren’t going to be disappointed as it really does deliver everything the eye popping youtube trailer promises. Also, for any old school players of Quake deathmatch it has rocket jumping which made my inner nerd smile.

Stars out of 5 – 3 …. I would have said 2 ½  but it got bumped for the very clever wrist cutters advert in the middle which was scarily on the money.

Dry Slaps – 1 because the girl with the crocodile teeth boobs didn’t bite anyone with them and at that point I was thinking it was a given.

GS Reviewer: Richard McAuliffe

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  1. I have this on my watch now queue. It’s a click away. Decisions, decisions!

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