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Ok, I’ll kick us off with a quick plot overview.

Kenneth, played by Primeval’s Andrew Lee Potts, is a socially awkward and pretty messed up morgue worker who has a crush on one of the young trainee doctors at his hospital named Catherine. Seeing her and her friends in a bar he offers to walk her home and is ridiculed by the other medical students who he then threatens to expose having seen them take hospital drugs for recreational use. To deter this they trick him into consuming alcohol mixed with a cocktail of pharmaceuticals, the result of which is that he slips into a deep coma. Feeling guilty about this Catherine sneaks into his hospital ward and gives him a mix of untested “wonder drugs” which instead of waking him trigger out of body experiences which Kenneth then uses to get his own back on the people who wronged him.

Five minutes into this movie I was pretty impressed. The flashback to Kenneths childhood showing why he is messed up, coupled with the shots of him in the morgue showing just HOW messed up he is were all good,dark horror movie fare and really let you know they were taking all this seriously.

Then we cut to the trainee doctors who, big surprise, were all cool and good looking and exactly like every other group of lined up victims you see in movies like this. When they bully and pretty much kill Kenneth (cue South Park catchphrase) and then bicker about if they should come clean or deny everything to ensure their bright futures it was again stuff I had seen many times before in movies such as “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and you could spot the ones who you were supposed to think nice and care about and the ones who were being set up as assholes so that you could just enjoy it when they got wasted. At this point my expectations had dropped right off. But then the good stuff kicked in…

And as soon as it did I was loving this movie. The first show of Kenneths powers are done with clever uses of lighting and we learn he can possess anyone he likes and use them as a weapon against you. Now again, this has been done before and done well especially in The Fallen, but still it was handled cleverly here and the way the possessed look and move gives it a nice disturbing feel. What I really liked was the next step to this though… why jump into someone else to mess you up, when I could just jump into you?

As with all horror films with a bit of a metaphysical element you are asked to suspend your disbelief and not think TOO hard about the logic of it all, but if you are cool to do that then this makes for a fun ride. The cast are all decent enough, especially Andrew Lee Potts who plays the borderline autistic Kenny very well, and the kills are all suitably dark and brutal. To give you an idea – there is the one trainee doctor who they seriously go out of their way to make you hate. You are just waiting for him to get his from the first time you see him. But when it does happen, even though you are glad it does, you still have that second of “Man, that was a little harsh”.

This flick didnt jump itself up into my fave horror movies, but it more than held its own against the Final Destination’s and recent run of classic remakes that are out there now and both me, and my wife actually, both really enjoyed it for what it was.

Stars out of 5 – 3
Dry Slaps – 2 as it took a little while to get going and one or two of the logic leaps required me to have had a few cans of beer first. There is also a horrible and very important factual error in the movie which was again pointed out to me by my other half – “That goth girl would NEVER wear those shoes”.

Bottom line – Fun horror movie with some nice creepy moments and a good few squirm in your seat scenes. And the bit with the girl in her underwear in the trailer? Don’t be put off, when that scene comes its not the Texas Chainsaw type thing you imagine. Way cooler than that.

GS Reviewer: Bluemeanie

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  1. Just saw Shrooms the other night, and it wasn’t bad, so taking your cautious positivity under advisement and keeping an eye out for this!

  2. HorrorHound /

    Cool review, the film doesn’t sound like its going to re-invent the wheel or anything with a few well worn horror favourites in there. But Hey it sounds a little different ot the sam eold torture-porn we’ve been getting. If its executed well I’ll grab the beers and give it a shot …

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