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After I’ve seen a film I will often talk anyone’s ears off about what I did and didn’t like about it. I’ll ramble on about the acting, the cinematpgraphy blah, blah, rinse and repeat.

At the end of the though it comes down to one simple question.  Did the film entertain me?

I really enjoyed Bale’s portrayal of John Connor (so much better than the bloke in T3, who never sold me as the saviour of the human race). In Bale we finally got the bad ass John Connor we’ve been waiting for. My problem was we did not see him enough.  Sam Worthington’s Marcus got the lion share of the scenes and plot. By the end of the movie I was rooting for him more than I was Connor and that felt wrong.  I hope if we see a second movie we get to see much more of John Connor(watch for his opening scene… bad ass).

Byrce Dallas Howard as Kate Connor was ok but really didn’t have a great deal to do hopefully that will change if there’s another film. A round of applause however for Micheal Ironside as let’s face it if you’re going to give John Connor a superior officer then you can’t go wrong with Ironside  ( he better get a cameo in the V remake!). I almost wish we didn’t have him in the movie as we could have maybe have Ironside star as an older John Connor if the franchise continues.

My other problem was that while there were some great, special effect, filled scenes of city wide devastation it never reached the   that  feeling  of desperation and hopelessness conveyed by the first movie. Those few scenes in Terminator 1 gave you a real sense that the human race was clinging onto it’s survival by it’s fingernails and they were slipping.  I was left a little short changed by the way it was handled in this film. I guess I was hoping for more of a war movie than what I saw.

The plot was ok  though there were some seriously predictable plot points towards the end culminating in an ending that you see coming a mile off. I did hear that this ending had been shoehorned into the film after the original ending had been leaked online. I read the original ending and all I can say is it was a damn shame that this ending wasn’t used as it would have been one hell of a twist.

As mentioned earlier Sam Worthington carried most of this film and for me I thought he carried it well. The standout performance the film was Anton Yelchin. I could have watched him playing the young Kyle Reese all day.  The fact that after five minutes I forgot that I’d only seen him a few weeks earlier as Chekov in Star Trek was a testament to how well he came across in this role. Hope we get to see more of him as he grows into the Reese we know.

Special effects were top notch and there were some great set pieces and action in the film. A cameo towards the end which could have fallen flat on it’s face was handled well and did not feel too shoehoned (one you make a few plot alloyances).

So all in all for me Terminator Salvation was a mixed bag, some good and some bad. This wasn’t exactly the war torn vision of the future I thought it would be. The problem was I’ve been seeing this film in my head ever since that first future scene in Terminator 1.

All of this brings me back to my original question…Was I entertained? Hell yes.

Overall the film ticked all the boxes of a summer blockbuster. It was big, loud, flashy and for the most part a helluva lot of fun. I reallyI can’t understand some of level of bile aimed at this movie but I guess each to their own and all that.There was stuff I didn’t like but that was outweighed by the fun I had finally getting to see future John Connor in action at long last.

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