Disney Pixar often imitated never duplicated proves again why it sits on the top of the mountain when it comes to 3d movies.

Up is the story of Carl Fredricksen on a voyage to South America by way of a homemade airship in memory of his late wife and Russell who ends up coming along for the ride after believing a joke too much, on the way they meet exotic birds, a mad adventurer and a pack smarter than your average dogs.


Right that’s enough of a plot synopsis, let’s get down to the brass tacks, is the film any good, well short answer yes Pixar have knocked it out of the park again, with a film that appeals to both adults and children without insulting either audience types intelligence or making with the boredom. Going into this screening I had a small amount of worry after the epic that was Wall – E, for me Wall – E represented a major milestone, a 3d character I had emotionally invested in, to the point I cared about his welfare, something that has never happened to me. Would this be up to scratch, I was so happy that it is and in a way better.

Right next on my list is visuals, Pixar have made a film that is stunning to behold, the visuals and animation are top rate, but what else do you expect from Pixar, from the big bold colours of the birds to the small gestures of the lead Carl that portray so much emotion, everything is first class.

The story is a familiar one, but most stories are, what elevates this movie is its handling of it, the much talked about first 15 minutes of the film were something truly excellent, with next to no dialogue, the film had to rely on the visuals and music to tell the story, this could have been a real disaster, it was a gamble that paid off, the softness of touch in the animation was quite surprising, in a very good way, showing that you do not need to go over the top to portray emotion, subtly can work in and the score was top notch, perfectly in tune with what we were being shown, showing genuine happiness and sadness in a way that was quite remarkable for characters that are modelled.

Once this section is over we start to tread into more familiar territory in terms of story, when Carl meets Russell the young lad is instantly likeable and balances Carl and his ways very well, creating a very funny odd couple.


When they embark on the trip the fun kicks off big time, a storm, issues with altitudes and Russell being, well Russell provides fun and thrills on the way to paradise falls.

Once at the falls they discover the adventurer Charles Muntz determined to clear his name by capturing a live version of the bird he was accused of faking, oh and he has gone quite potty spending all those years hunting for the bird with just dogs to talk to.


Chaos ensues as Muntz and the tandem clash over what he is trying to do and the pair tries to protect the bird.

In the end all is well, the bad guy went down and the good guys won and a new friendship has been born.

If you are a fan of Pixar’s work, you need to see this, if you are a fan of good movies you need to see this.


GS Reviewer: zenum

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