Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl


Mizushima is the reluctant boyfriend of Keiko, daughter of his school’s vice principle and a bit of a diva. One valentines day a new exchange student Monami, who is secretly a vampire, gives Mizushima a chocolate she made which happens to be filled with her blood… as you do.

After eating this he too becomes a vampire which obviously pisses off Keiko who, during an unsuccesful attack on Monami, falls off a roof killing herself. Luckily though her father as well as being vice principle and physics teacher is also a secret mad kabuki scientist so after harvesting parts from various students is able to bring her back to life as a Frankenstein monster where she can once again plot her revenge against the girl who stole her boyfriend. All this ends with a huge battle atop Tokyo Tower where the vampire girl uses blood swords and the Frankenstein girl flies around with one of her arms nailed to her head helicopter style, like some f***ed up Inspector Gadget.

Yeah, I know. Same old story we’ve seen countless times before.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed from the title, this movie is totally insane and if you’ve seen either Machine Girl or Tokyo Gore Police you’ll have a good idea of the type of ride you are in for. As with those films the blood and guts fly thick and fast, but again like those it is all SO over the top that at no point would anyone really be grossed out. The violence here is like watching an Road Runner cartoon for adults. This isn’t a horror movie at all, just a very black comedy which just happens to have lots of people getting hacked to pieces.

Creatively this movie is a barrage of ideas and really reminded me of early Sam Raimi where no scene is undeserving of a clever visual gag or camera trick. The music also works particularly well by marrying crazy gore scenes with happy bouncy music tracks. Remember American Psycho? Remember Christian Bale chopping up Jared Leto to “Hip to be Square” and how funny that was? Same thing. Thats a good bench mark actually. If you DIDN’T find that scene funny you probably won’t get this movie either.

There is one thing I feel I should warn anyone about to watch this film. Whilst parodying various aspects of asian teen culture, including a scene set at an inter-school wrist cutting competition, they also have a go at ganguro girls. Now for those who dont know (and I was one before this movie) ganguro girls are those into black american culture and who tan and wear makeup to appear black themselves. Now I don’t surprise too easy, but when these girls turned up in the movie I did have a “holy crap… did they just do that?” moment. Whilst again being incredibly over the top and almost Bo Selecta in style, I could still see how these scenes could offend anyone unaware of what exactly is being made fun of as we are in full on “plate in the bottom lip” territory .

If you’re a fan of the crazy, kinetic inventiveness of movies such as Evil Dead 2 and tv shows such as Spaced then you’ll love this film. Its fun stuff and there is a plot reveal at the end which I absolutely loved and totally changed how I’d perceived one of the main characters. Something you wouldnt really expect from a film like this which could be seen as being more style over substance.

Look, just watch the trailer. If you think “That looks stupid” then you are right and this movie isn’t for you. If you think “That looks fun” or “cool” or “f***ing awesome” then you are also right and you should definately check it out. It really does deliver on the weird trip the trailer promises. I kinda loved it.

The dvd is released on 15th of March from and will apparently also contain an hour long “making of” that was unfortunately not available at time of review.

Stars out of 5 – 4. I feel however that the first night I get some of the guys round and we watch this with a few beers, it’ll get promoted to a 5

Dry Slaps – None.

Reviewer : Richard McAuliffe

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  1. glen /

    Yukie Kawamura was good as the lead but IMO the prettiest girl in the movie was Aya Nishisaki (though she only had a small role). Aya’s a fashion model not an actress

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