UPDATE: Hercules Gets a Second Trailer and a Poster

After the first kick ass trailer in which we saw Dwayne Johnson rocking the hell out of a Lion Hat we now get a second trailer for Hercules based on the graphic novel from Radical Comics.

Paramount and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures’ film HERCULES, starring Dwayne Johnson, bows on July 25. Based on Radical Comics’ ‘Hercules,’ this ensemble-action film, featuring an international cast, is a revisionist take on the classic myth set in a grounded world where the supernatural does not exist. HERCULES also stars Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell, Joseph Fiennes, Peter Mullan and John Hurt.

The trailers looks good and the scene with Hercules vs the giant lion still looks fantastic. I have to admit that I was more of fan of the first trailer and the soundtrack here doesn’t work for me at all. The one other thing that left me a little confused was that this is ‘a grounded world where the supernatural does not exist’ but it seems someone forgot to tell the three headed Dog running around and the descendants of Hades (‘that can’t be killed by a normal mortal’) in the trailer that their supernatural services are no longer required.

UPDATE: We’ve been sent over a different trailer than the one  posted earlier and I must say this one is even better and they’ve sorted out the soundtrack. Seriously though looking at this trailer I am much more reminded of the graphic which is a good thing as I was a big fan of it.

Have a watch of the updated trailer and Roll on July.

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