Matt Reeves Continues to go Ape… Signs for Third Planet Of The Apes Movie!

Matt Reeves, director of the much underrated Let Me In and the also rather good Cloverfield, has reportedly been signed to direct the third in the new Apes franchise having just warped the much anticipated Dawn of The Planet of The Apes (out 2014).

The report, via Deadline, has Reeves jumping directly onto Part 3 with Fox anticipating that the follow up the the James Franco starring Rise OF The Planet of The Apes will do similar business ($481 million global box office alone).

This Summers DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES tells to continuing story of Caesar as he crossed path with the  survivors of the simian plague, trigging an all-out war between humanity and Ape’s growing forces. The film stars Gary Oldman, Kerri Russell, Jason Clarke and of course Andy Serkis as Caesar and will be released in the UK in July.

There is no word on who will be back for Reeve’s part 3 but one would assume Serkis is a lock.

Source: IGN
GS Reporter: Phil Hobden


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