Suicide Squad Gets a Shiny New Official Trailer

Why DC you’re spoiling us! Hot on the heels of the Wonder Woman footage we know have a new Suicide Squad trailer to dissect.

Yeah I wouldn’t trust any of these guys and gals to park my car (if I drove that is).

I have to say this is the best trailer for the film yet. Everytime I see a group photo I kinda wince but seeing them all in action works so much better. Margot Robbis seems to get the lion share of the one liners and they are zingers. Also another film trailer which doesn’t really give away too much in terms of plot or in fact who the bad guys are. Bravo marketing team, bravo.

I’m much more excited about this film (out this August) than I was before, how about you? Let us know in the comments.

GS Blogger: Nuge

Source: youtube

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