11 Year Old Developer Debuts My Selfie Safari on App Stores

If you didn’t get enough of Flappy Bird, you might be interested in a game that uses similar mechanics. My Selfie Safari uses a mix of Flappy Bird and old school Defender design ideas and gives them its own special twist; you control Jesse the giraffe and must keep his head from colliding with clouds and birds. Your goal is to meet up with his safari friends. As levels are completed, you have the opportunity to post a selfie of you and your friend.

My Selfie Safari

My Selfie Safari was created by 11-year-old Maddie Beal and her dad Dan, inspired by her love of giraffes and self portraits.

My Selfie Safari

The game features 20 levels and Maddie herself is stuck on level 14. If you get stuck in the game, you can use goggles to help you, which are a limited resource that can be bought with in-app purchases.

My Selfie Safari

My Selfie Safari is free to download from the iOS and Googe Play App Stores.

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