I ain’t afraid of no Table-Top! Ghostbusters

Co-operative table top games are one of my favourite pas-times. From Legends of Andor through Gears of WarCastle Panic and Pandemic. I just enjoy working together with a friend or three to take on the game at it’s own … well … game.

One of the first four player teams I remember seeing as a child were the Ghostbusters of the Dan Ackroyd movie. It’s taken over thirty years, but finally a game that seems worthy of the franchise has arrived and it’s co-op. Funded through Kickstarter, the project has shattered its base goal and is well on the way to meeting its final stretch goal – which means plenty of extra miniatures and pieces for the backers! There are nine days left (at the time of writing) and I think it’s  well worth a push to send this one over that final hurdle.

Here’s some official blurb from the Press release:

Ghostbusters: The Board Game is a game for 1-4 players, ages 15 and up. Players choose one of the four Ghostbusters character figures (Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore and Ray Stantz) and then select from one of the game’s pre-written scenarios, beginning a game session that lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the chosen scenario(s) and degree of difficulty. Each of the Ghostbusters has unique traits and talents that can assist the entire team, with highly cooperative gameplay. As players gain experience from banishing spirits, the Ghostbusters level up, gaining new abilities that help them take on greater challenges. The team can also hop in the Ecto-1, the Ghostbusters’ converted ambulance, to help them quickly move through the city.

Developed by a talented group of board game professionals with decades of combined experience, the team is led by Matt Hyra (Lead Game Design & Acquisitions), Mataio Wilson (Associate Game Designer) and Adam Sblendorio (Creative Director) along with additional developers and support from skilled playtesters and the passionate family of Ghostbusters fans.

Ghostbusters: The Board Game comes with plastic figures of the four Ghostbusters as well as Slimer, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Indulnas and numerous Galloping Ghouls, Gruesome Twosomes and Boogaloo. All figurines are based on the artwork and designs of Dan Schoening, the artist of IDW’s Ghostbusters™ comic book. The game will come with over 40 figures, with the opportunity to purchase add-ons and exclusive figures. The board itself is made of double-sided modular pieces illustrated by Robb Mommaerts, increasing the replayability for scenarios and customization.

Cryptozoic will be offering a few options for backers. The base version of Ghostbusters: The Board Game is available for $80 and includes four Ghostbusters figures, 40 ghost figures, 10 double-sided game board map tiles, instructions and scenarios with art from Dan Schoening, various tokens, cards and dice. The exclusive $125 Deluxe Edition comes with everything from the base game, along with a limited edition foil-stamped box, a 12”x12” giclée print, glow-in-the-dark dice, four additional game board tiles, an exclusive boss ghost figure and an over-sized “Impossible Mode” Stay Puft Marshmallow Man figure. Additional pledge levels add exclusive ghosts, new figures and much more to expand the game further.

The stretch goals add more playable characters to the mix (including no less than two whole lady Busters!) which, along with the additional ghosts and board pieces means that this game should have a fantastic life-span without running the exact same game twice.

Best of all, it’s estimated for an October 2015 release which means it should arrive around my Birthday!

I’ve put some images from the game’s prototype below – these may change for the final release but I think you’ll agree the miniatures in particular look stunning.

Charge those proton packs, get out the PKE meters and head over to the kickstarter page to pick up your copy now! I have!

 Box - Standard Winston Zeddemore character card Gruesome TwosomesBoss GhostsParanormal (Base) Game Contents Mass Hysteria (Deluxe) Pledge   

Source: Press Release
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