Alien: Isolation Update Adds New Difficulty Levels

In a move that doesn’t seem to happen that often with game updates, Alien: Isolation has just received not one but two new difficulty levels. This is a great thing as it will enable more gamers to play in the way that they choose, the hardcore sweating through their clothes and the more casual having a more relaxed time of things. Two posters featuring the new changes each difficulty level brings can be found after each snippet of the highlights below.

Nightmare mode will take lots of things away from the player: no health bar, no ammo counter, an unreliable motion tracker and just generally make the alien and other aggressive denizens of Sevastopol more deadly.


Novice mode dials down the aggression of the alien et al, gives you more resources to find and just smooths the way for a player who might not enjoy the sometimes punishing difficulty curve in other difficulty levels.


The free update should be live on all formats now and has come just in time for a Xenomorph evading Xmas!

GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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