Be the Batman?: Arkham Knight Reviewed

WB Games and Rocksteady produced a very memorable game back in 2009 with Arkham Asylum proving to be at the very least a Game Of The Year contender. The company managed to up their game with the sequel: Arkham City providing more of what made the first game so great. Now the company is back with the final installment of their Arkham Trilogy having taken a break while Splash Damage took the reins for development of a prequel in 2013’s Arkham Origins.

We’ve been playing the bat-socks off Arkham Knight and have produced not only an audio review (with The Nuge and Ant – or as I like to call him – me) but also this video review of the game. Expect more to come as Ant aims to compare the two story packs released so far – it’s Batgirl vs Harley Quinn in that match up.

Without further ado, here’s the video review. Can The Next Level co-host Ant truly BE THE BATMAN?

PLEASE NOTE: That while this review of Arkham Knight aims to be as spoiler-light as possible, there may be some small hints as to key plot developments in the video.

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Batman Arkham Knight

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