Become Pals with an AI in PC Game Event[0]

Paris based developer Ocelot Society will be releasing its first game this September, in the form of sci-fi puzzle game Event[0]. The player character is stuck on an abandoned spaceship and must work, and get along, with the resident AI if they are to stand any chance of getting back to Earth. What makes Event[0] so interesting however, is that the AI will apparently have its own fears and anxieties, which the player will have to find a way to appease or work around.


The player communicates with the AI, known as Kaizen, by typing into nearby computers. Kaizen can procedurally generate over two million lines of dialog and will be influenced by the things the player says to it. It will also play its part in helping the player get to understand the history of the ship and how things came to be this way.


Event[0] will be releasing on PC and Mac sometime in September and I think that it looks like it could be a whole heap of fun. How nuanced the interactions between the player and Kaizen might be will be interesting to discover, and to have the player’s progress (or lack thereof) affected by this kind of relationship is something that sounds well worth experiencing. Fingers crossed it is as good as it sounds.

Check out the trailer below:

Event[0] Images © Copyright Ocelot Society

Source: / PCGamer
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